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Turn negatives to positives.

New tools are urgently needed to maintain work well-being.

Set a good example. 

Tackle presenteeism, aches and pains, lack of focus and low energy. 

Promote productivity, creativity and motivation.


Reverse posture erosion. 

Bad habits are not cured by gym. At the heart of what fatigues us is the way we misuse our body. Poor posture leads to degeneration of the spine. This effects our state of mind, agility and focus. When your team begins to slouch, it is time to get energised.


Reconnect you and your team.

Together we will build new positive habits. Learn how to enhance your resilience and  manage everyday work well-being, independently. Make everyone to participate and connect. 

"Let's try new ways, let's start talking, let's compare notes." 


Time to reconnect, energise and engage

your people

Simple and effective

Finnmotion is simple, everybody can do it. It doesn’t take much space and delivers, step by step, well-being improvements. It fights brain fatigue.

While you are working

Finnmotion delivers both physical and mental well-being benefits at work during working hours. It is evolving and works progressively. 

"It gives time."

Motivational tool

Management can send a signal that your now remote staff have not been forgotten. Delivers a positive message: we are in this together, we care and support you. It instils positive team dynamics.

Creating cohesion within teams

It gives a team a chance to reconnect. It unites participants in a common purpose. It builds a new channels of communication. It increases engagement and satisfaction. It improves the working athmosphere.

What is so special about Finnmotion?

Case study Hailuoto

"It was surprising how these small steps had such big effects." Office worker

Finnmotion improves physical and mental well-being. It lifts the working atmosphere. Employees become more positive, more engaged and more productive.

Finnmotion lifts your mind and body up

“Finnmotion improved our employees’ focus,
energy and overall performance, giving immediate results.”

Olli Lindroos, Deputy Director-General, The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom

"Even if Finnmotion had only changed the life of one person, it would have been worthwhile. But it turned out to affect so many. We want to continue."

Aki Heiskanen, the Mayor of Hailuoto

"I know that doing Finnmotion regularly will greatly improve your posture, balance and breathing and, with it, your general feeling of wellbeing."

Martin Curwen, former EIB Director-General and long-term Method Putkisto practitioner.

​Client Reviews

Case study Trafi

"The perfect way to prepare for the great change in our organisation." 

Only 6 minutes of targeted exercises per workday to renew your dynamics.

  • Fight posture deterioration.

  • Sharpen concentration and focus.

  • Create greater self-awareness to work on your well-being.

  • Deliver lasting self-motivation to correct bad habits.

  • Recreate new positive routines.

Purpose built set of props to get 
you engaged

A specific set of props designed to support Finnmotion exercises. Targeting the most important areas you want to wake up. 


1 Wobbeli - wobble board for balance 

1 Bloggeli - small wooden block for deep spinal muscle activation

1 Keppeli - pole for upper body activity and balance 

2 Spiky balls - spiky ball for feet activation and right and left brain coordination

Foster physical and mental well-being

Improve engagement and productivity