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Well-being at work

Time to Stop the Posture Erosion

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Good posture is a sign of confidence, the proof that your body is strong and flexible, and

your core is stable. Posture sets you up for a dynamic and agile way of approaching any

task in life and manifests the way you interact with others. This should and could be the

core for work well-being and part of everyday care.


Working from home and the digital culture had changed the way we work. The

consequences of our static life style eats away our energy and has both physical and

psychological effects to the mind and ultimately on sense of self. These signs are those

niggling aches and pains which are like erosion developing into lethargy and fatigue. This

Finnmotion calls posture erosion.

How about you? Does your back hurt? Are you slouching or feeling stiff at the end of a

working day?  How is your balance, are you able to stand on one leg eyes closed, and

count to ten?  If not it is the first clear sign that your motor-skills are deteriorating.

This Posture erosion also manifests itself by reduced motivation at work, a lack of

initiative and diminished social interaction. There is an alarming increase in absenteeism

and presenteeism. This of course is difficult to measure, yet we all are aware of its


The sign that we are losing sight of this burden is carried silently by employees who

actually want to perform their jobs well. When self-confidence is undermined by physical

un-wellness, it is more difficult to be positive and to take on further responsibilities.  

New tools are needed as the traditional ergonomics do not always work in home offices.

The longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to change the pattern! What can we do?

The solution is in the skills of how to maintain work well-being in everyday life and how to

implant these new traditions as a natural daily routine. Ideally, when new habits are

internalised and managed by every employees to feel and work better.

This well-being maintenance will, and should, become as natural as drinking water.

Someone with a good posture will face the challenges of a changing work environment

with their heads held high.

This is a perfect time to redefine and modernise the concept of posture, as the way you

carry yourself, you carry your life. The English word ‘gentleman’ places the emphasis on

‘gentle’, suggesting to interact with others in an emphatic manner measuring how you are

revealing attitude and frame of mind.

Marja Putkisto

Inventor of the Finnmotion

Find out how to make this happen:

  • The FINNMOTION program directly targets the underlying causes, providing the tools to prevent and reduce and even reverse posture erosion symptoms.

  • Posture maintenance will take only a few minutes per day.

  • FINNMOTION sets a recovery process in motion, through simple steps.

  • The exercises take only a few minutes per day and can be performed at work, at your desk.

  • Employees will notice how their posture is better by the end of the working day.

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