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  • Elina Heinisuo

Posture erosion

Updated: Aug 10

The Curse of Posture Erosion

The digital culture is changing the way we work. Our life is increasingly sedentary and computer-dominated.

Marja Putkisto has put her finger on the consequences of our static life style. She calls it Posture Erosion - the bane of sitting all day and working in front of a computer. It has both physical and psychological effects.  

“One’s natural movements fade away with no clear sign of warning. The sensory system is weakened, leading to a degeneration of motor skills. The first to be affected is your balance and the way you move. You become less agile. As the metabolism gets sluggish, the whole body’s ability to function is reduced. This process also has an effect on the mind and ultimately on your sense of self.

There is no need for this to happen, even when we age, and this process can be stopped and reversed.“

Redefine the concept of posture

Marja Putkisto has made it her mission to redefine and modernise the concept of posture. “Posture is a lot more than just standing straight, she says. Attitude and frame of mind reveal themselves in the way you carry yourself. Good posture is a sign that your body is both strong and flexible, and your core is stable. This sets you up for a dynamic and agile way of approaching any task in life.

Posture also manifests itself in the way you conduct yourself when interacting with others. If you feel comfortable in your body, you will be more confident, making your interactions more pleasant.  

 ‘’I like how the  English word ‘gentleman’ places the emphasis on ‘gentle’, as it suggests we should interact with others in an understanding and emphatic manner. The ‘me, me’ tendency of our time is a sign that we are losing sight of the fact that we are all in this together”.

What are the first signs of Posture Erosion?

Does your back hurt? Are you slouching or feeling stiff at the end of a working day?  Do you have a “social media neck”? Is your widow’s hump getting bigger How is your balance? Can you stand on one leg eyes closed, and count to ten?  If not it is the first clear sign that your motor-skills are deteriorating.

The early signs of posture erosion are those niggling aches and pains. Those will often develop into real pain (back pain is the most frequent), but also lethargy and fatigue. Posture erosion also manifests itself by reduced motivation at work, a lack of initiative and diminished social interaction.

Often this burden is carried silently by employees who actually want to perform their jobs well.  But when self-confidence is undermined by physical un-wellness, it is more difficult to be positive and to take on further responsibilities”, observes Marja Putkisto. 

Tackling Posture Erosion will save costs!

Posture Erosion is one of the reasons for the alarming increase in absenteeism and presenteeism.

We have to do something about it”, Putkisto warns, “the longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to change the pattern!”

Counterattack the cause of posture erosion

Posture erosion cannot be fixed simply by talking or going to the gym, says Putkisto. The FINNMOTION program directly targets the underlying causes, providing the tools to prevent and reduce and even reverse posture erosion symptoms.

Posture maintenance will take only a few minutes per day

FINNMOTION sets a recovery process in motion, through simple specific steps, conceived to restore a natural movement pattern. The exercises take only a few minutes per day and can be performed at work, at your desk, and without long interruptions. Employees will notice with surprise that their posture will be better at the end of the working day than it was at the beginning.  

Making posture maintenance a natural daily routine

Ideally, the FINNMOTION process becomes and internalised routine and self-care system, managed by the participants themselves - a tool for employees to feel and work better.

Putkisto : ”Posture maintenance will, and should, become as natural as drinking water!”  

Someone with a good posture will face the challenges of a changing work environment with their heads held high.