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Well-being at work

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Marja Putkisto, the invetor of Finnmotion

Marja has long been concerned about the effects of modern working conditions on body and mind.


Marja Putkisto, the invetor of Finnmotion

At the instigation of Finnish companies, Marja has devised the innovative programme to improve well-being at work, physically, emotionally and socially.


Creater of the internationally acknowledged Method Putkisto movement technique. Her Method Putkisto Institute is the leading body and mind school in Finland.

Marja has published several books.

Marja Putkisto, the invetor of Finnmotion

Marja is a visionary and problem solver: she searches for fresh, innovative and, yet simple, solutions to well-being at work.

The inventor behind Finnmotion

Finnmotion was developed by Marja Putkisto. Internationally acknowledged well-being and movement visionary. 

Hailuoto started using Finnmotion in January 2020

Case study Hailuoto

"It was surprising how these small steps had such big effects." Office worker

Finnmotion unleashes untapped potential.

More hours are spent in front of the computer than ever before.

By improving posture and agility Finnmotion fights many other problems like absenteeism, presenteeism and low productivity.

It provides a practical set of tools to increase both physical and emotional well-being, reduce stress and builds resilience. It promotes observational skills leading to self confidence, positivity towards changes and ability to make relevant decisions.

Case study Trafi

"The perfect way to prepare for the great change in our organisation." 

Work well-being from Finland

Finland leads the world in work well-being. It has proven to be a cost-effective investment that improves productivity.

“The well-being economy emphasises the link between economic growth and people’s well-being. Both are needed, and they reinforce one another.”

Aino-Kaisa Pekonen, Minister for social affairs and health in Finland, August 2019

Finnish companies have used the Finnmotion program with great success.

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